Timetabler Client

CELCAT Timetabler Client is a Windows®-based system for PCs.

It is used to manage and schedule resources, such as staff, students, rooms, courses and much more!

Whatever your situation, Timetabler  Client can minimise the effort needed and speed up the process of creating your schedules. Allowing multi-user access, Timetabler  Client can be used across institutions of all sizes - from a single department to a large, multi-site organisation.

Timetabler  Client streamlines the timetable creation process by giving users access to a range of powerful and intuitive tools, from timetable advisers and wizards to comprehensive clash checking tools that put you in control.

For the user, generating timetables becomes easier and quicker. For institutions it is about making efficient use of its resources which has consistently resulted in savings.

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Timetabler Live

CELCAT Timetabler  Live is a web-based interactive timetabling application capable of running on PC and Mac. As long as users have access to a computer with an internet connection and web browser, they can manage and schedule resources such as staff, students, rooms, courses and much more!

Why choose Timetabler  Live? The application includes features and benefits associated with Timetabler  Client and Timetabler  Administrator within one web interface. Users no longer need to switch between CELCAT applications to carry out their tasks. This simplifies IT administration, there is no installation of multiple-client applications, upgrades are managed more efficiently due to one installation and are easy to administer where distributed timetabling is required.

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Timetabler Administrator

CELCAT Timetabler  Administrator is either a client or web-based application for managing users, roles and access rights. Administrative users are responsible for licensing CELCAT software and configuring Timetabler  databases. Integration with third-party applications such as LDAP is managed in Timetabler  Administrator. Institution administrators may also impose rules governing how CELCAT applications such as Timetabler  Client, Live and Room Booker Live function.

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