Timetabler Attendance

CELCAT Timetabler  Attendance Client is the Windows®-based application for administration and marking of registers. Institutions can configure a personalised marking scheme and generate and print standard attendance reports.

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Timetabler Attendance Live

CELCAT Timetabler  Attendance Live is the web-based application for administration and marking of registers. For academics needing to mark registers, Timetabler  Attendance Live is accessible any time, anywhere, allowing staff to identify and mark registers quickly. It is supported on PC and Mac platforms.

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CELCAT Attendance Web Services

CELCAT Attendance Web Service (CAWS) is a web-oriented interface for register marking and interrogating attendance data. CAWS enables third party software developers to create bespoke register marking and attendance integration tools without extensive knowledge of the CELCAT database.

The web service is implemented as a RESTful web service and follows the REST architecture. Data is passed using JSON or XML. For example, CAWS may be used to provide a scalable ‘real time’ card marking system for recording attendance, using fixed card reading systems as part of the institution's attendance monitoring arrangements.


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Timetabler Offline Attendance Service

CELCAT Timetabler  Offline Attendance Service (OLA) includes a Windows®-based service commonly used in conjunction with data collector devices, either portable or fixed with a graphical user interface.

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CELCAT Attendance using smart cards enables us to compare planned and actual room occupancy levels as well as support our student retention strategy.

Mark Bonetzky Timetable Manager, Facilities Services, University of East London


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