Data Store

The new CELCAT Data Store is a data repository providing you with access to consolidated Timetabler data periodically updated from the source timetable databases.

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CELCAT Multi Week-View Report

CELCAT Multi Week-View Report (MVR) exposes resource event data from a single Timetabler database and allows the user to produce a multiple-week-view report by configuring the week filters. The user has absolute control over the reports’ style and content by configuring a number of event and resource filters. Using these filters, MVR can produce PDF reports for all resources types supported by the CELCAT Timetabler database.

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CELCAT Timetabler Corridor

Improving space utilisation in colleges and universities is of great interest. The National Audit Office noted that for the typical HE provider “servicing and maintenance of accommodation is the second largest cost it has to bear.”

So by improving space utilisation it’s possible to make significant savings!

CELCAT Timetabler Corridor is a web based application designed to report and analyse utilisation based on the standard calculation of utilisation promoted by the Higher Education Space Management Group (SMG).

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