CELCAT training is part of our standard provision and tailored to the specific needs of clients. A wide range of topics are covered allowing staff to develop the skills needed to administer and use CELCAT applications proficiently.

Organisations in the process of implementing CELCAT software will benefit from the on-site – hands on training provided. Where CELCAT course and exam automation are involved the training is further reinforced by CELCAT’s implementation consultancy.

Organisations can invest in their staff further through ongoing training, developing their skill set to meet the future needs of your organisation. Where such an investment is made, there is a link to greater staff loyalty and improved retention.

As part of our drive to improve the services we deliver to end users, we have taken the decision to overhaul the training we offer. We aim to have the first tranche available for delivery to users in October 2016.

We look forward to delivering this improved service and welcome feedback from trainees.

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