CELCAT Timetabler 7.7 R8 - New release


04/04/2016 09:31

New and Improved Features

CELCAT Timetabler Attendance Live, Timetabler Client, Timetabler Administrator - Reference 16649
The block marking feature is a very useful tool but can sometimes encourage staff to mark registers in a careless way and thus lead to credibility concerns on marks added to registers. With the new Disable Block Marking option, staff have the ability to control which role can use the feature.

Pay Claim Management - Reference 20728
When running a Payroll Report, a useful new warning message informs the user that once the report is run, an export to Excel or PDF format is no longer possible.

CELCAT Timetabler Room Booker Live - Reference 16623
When an institution allocates rooms centrally and has no associated room departments, the Department search criteria can be misleading. When specifying room criteria in the Room Booker Wizard, the department option has been renamed to 'Room Department' to avoid a user entering wrong information.

CELCAT Timetabler Live - Reference 21163
The Timetable Grid Printing and Usage Chart Printing are now supporting the customisable logo settings that are configured in Timetabler Client.

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