5 Myths Uncovered About Conferences


19/09/2016 09:00

1.     Bigger is better

This is not always the case. Deciding on whether to attend based on the size of the event is not always beneficial and does not guarantee quality. Ask yourself what you would like to gain by attending? Then, do your research and find out which suits your requirements the best and is also good value for money.

2.     Day off work

If you think attending a conference on behalf of your company is an excuse for a day off work, think again. You should aim to gather as much knowledge and information as possible. Your team will be happy to learn from you and your company will benefit. Success!

3.     Sales opportunity

Networking is not a sales opportunity. Networking is building new business relationships. Networking allows companies and individuals to recognise and create new opportunities which are mutually beneficial. Don’t reel off your sales pitch. Be ready for conversations. Talk about yourself, your company and your services. Don’t forget to exchange business cards!

4.     Too expensive

Most conferences offer an exhibitor stand. If you’re on a budget, then avoid this as it can escalate costs significantly but make sure to network in the exhibition area. And if the event is spread over 2/3 days only attend the days that are relevant to reduce ticket costs. Also, always choose the right person/people to attend the event.

5.     Same crowd

Many people think they will meet the same people and companies when attending similar events at different locations. This is not true. Conferences are usually held to address specific matters therefore this will not attract the same crowd. 

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