CELCAT Conferences UK 2014


23/01/2014 10:00

Working smarter by harnessing technology promotes efficiency and ensures that your organisation remains competitive in a global marketplace. Technology innovation enables you to deliver a superior 'student experience' and results in contented and productive staff.     

We invite you to our February conference series showcasing some of the smart and innovative ways UK post-secondary institutions convey timetable information to staff and students using CELCAT software. Come along and see how our new look web-based version of Timetabler is used to record attendance data and facilitate ad-hoc room bookings. Listen to the informative experience of a large higher education institution in their efforts to implement smarter timetabling.   

Who is the conference for?

Anyone involved in delivering services to students, scheduling, handling room bookings, gathering student attendance data, managing pay claim workflow and providing information technology services.

The Venues

This year's conferences are held at conference facilities in London, Manchester and Glasgow. Don't miss a fine opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with peers from other organisations.

What to do next?

To book your place online, please go to www.celcat.com/conferences. Alternatively, email us at info@celcat.com or telephone 024 7646 9930. To confirm your booking, we need a purchase order for £25 per head (to cover the cost of lunch and refreshments).

We look forward to welcoming you to the 'Smarter Timetabling Technology for Staff and Students' Conference.