About Us

Hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide choose CELCAT to provide state of the art solutions to solve complex scheduling and attendance monitoring requirements. Why is CELCAT the brand of choice? Over 35 years’ experience delivering bench mark software solutions and professional services to clients in more than 30 countries!

Clients and competitors acknowledge that CELCAT is synonymous with experience. Just as a seam of precious metal can be traced through a mine, so experience stretches through the company. This family business started in 1979 has, at its core, staff familiar with the challenges and complexities of timetabling and managing resources. One of the directors is a former timetabler within a university.

The development team combined has over 125 years’ experience producing innovative software solutions. CELCAT account managers have over 30 years’ experience identifying real world challenges faced by timetablers and administrators alike.

The consultancy team has 30 years’ experience in working in the education sector in both FE and HE before joining CELCAT. Their experience has helped CELCAT to identify burgeoning requirements on the horizon and respond by developing and marketing class leading solutions.

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