Event Sign-up

Increase student engagement by allowing students to sign up to ‘open’ events.

SSP now includes a student self-sign-up system to open events called Self-Service Event Signup.

Registration onto open events is managed by stipulating a maximum capacity for the event using either the event required room capacity or the event room capacity. A ‘sign-up’ period is simply configured to start and end before the event itself starts.

Open events appear on the SSP student’s activity page. Here, students select the event to display more detail such as the weeks the event runs in and any event notes. Most importantly, it shows how many spaces are available, and allows the student to ‘sign-up’ to the event. Participation may be cancelled by the student at any time before the event starts.

Event Signup is an intuitive way to allow students to enrol onto open events such as induction and careers events, and any other one-off event without the need for administrators to attach the whole student population to the event. Open enrolment events are displayed on a student’s personalised timetable, and their attendance can be tracked using CELCAT Timetabler Attendance.

Additionally, administrators can monitor the popularity of open events and where needed make adjustments such as moving a heavily subscribed event to a bigger room or cancelling an under subscribed event.


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