Timetabler Web Publisher

CELCAT Timetabler  Web Publisher is a Windows®-based application allowing users to automatically publish all or parts of timetables in PDF and/or HTML formats. These outputs can be displayed on institution intranet or internet sites. The user interface includes functions to enable the user to include or exclude event data from the publication process.

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Timetabler Calendar

CELCAT Timetabler  Calendar is a web-based application using a modern calendar style to display timetable data in a secure, easy to read format. Timetabler  Calendar can be integrated with intranet and e-learning environments using i-frames. Any changes to resource timetables are broadcast immediately.

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Timetabler iCalendar Feed

Most modern calendar applications allow users to subscribe to an iCalendar Feed. Now your staff and students can view their timetable on their smartphones or tablets in their calendar of choice. Changes to their timetables are updated automatically providing a near real-time view.

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Timetabler Auto Calendar Ex

CELCAT Timetabler  Auto Calendar Ex is a service that allows you to synchronise staff and student timetabled events with their Microsoft® Outlook calendars in an Exchange Server environment. The Auto Calendar Ex service supports local and remote (cloud) Exchange servers and can be configured using the Auto Calendar Ex Configuration tool.

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Timetabler Notification Service

CELCAT Timetabler  Notification Service is a configurable service to send email and SMS notifications to staff and students. Notifications and alerts may be based on critical event changes, a pattern of poor student attendance and registers not being marked in a timely manner.

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“We find CELCAT to be very user friendly for both staff and students. It is a vast improvement on our previous package and has allowed us to integrate and streamline our systems.”

Babs Walker Rooming Coordinator, Edinburgh College


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