Pay Claim Management System

Why link timetables or work schedules to payroll? It is recognised that contract compliance and staff payment are challenging and prone to human error. Allied to this, staff is one of the largest drains on the organisation budget. Being able to check that staff are up to contract and fulfilling their hours is a proven way to identify savings and reduce costs.

Pay Claim Management System (PCM) is a web-based portal accessible on any device, including mobile. This new standalone self-service system allows users to generate claims based on their timetable or work schedule. Managers approve claims and administrators authorise them, leading to payment.



A clean interface, allowing teaching staff wherever they are to prepare, manage and submit their claims, but prevented from generating future claims. Managers can review submitted claims and where appropriate reject claims based on an unmarked attendance register. Administrators also have the power to modify and reject claims where appropriate. Once the administrator authorises the claim and closes down the pay claim period, payroll processing takes place.



Pay Claim Management System features and functionality:

  • Viewing a schedule report of a teacher
  • Payroll report
  • Holiday report
  • Outstanding claims report
  • Budget reports

Standard reports in PCM provide transparency and a detailed overview, giving managers the ability to target areas and take decisions to enable the institution to run more efficiently. Teaching staff are prevented from holding back claims and PCM administrators are kept informed of outstanding claims via a hard copy report. Departmental managers can easily examine the activity of their staff through an easy- to-read schedule report.



Although a standalone application, Pay Claim Management System is designed to integrate with CELCAT Timetabler. When integrated, staff can only submit claims for teaching on their timetables. If the teaching doesn’t exist on the timetable, they are prevented from generating a claim. Thus, timetable integrity is enhanced. As the claim is generated, it draws on staff category information from CELCAT Timetabler  and pay rate and cost centre data from the HR system.

As the claim progresses through the system, staff can be notified of its progress via email notifications.


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