Timetabler  Attendance features and functionality:

  •        Electronic based student attendance application
  •        Seamless integration with CELCAT Timetabler
  •        Integration with CELCAT Timetabler  Notification Service
  •        Lock marked and future registers
  •        Marking audit information

Traditional paper-based and unintegrated register systems are proven to be time consuming to manage and squander valuable resources such as time and paper. CELCAT Timetabler  Attendance's seamless integration generates registers automatically based on timetable events. Integration also includes an extended absence feature in CELCAT Timetabler  that allows administrators to accurately mark registers where the student is absent for a period of time. Administrators can lock marked registers and prevent presumptive marking.

Discover how University of Bolton has benefited from using CELCAT’s attendance tracking applications in this case study.


Maximise teaching time by minimising marking time

Timetabler  Attendance features and functionality:

  • Block mark registers
  • Support marking shortcut keys
  • Multiple register view



Timetabler  Attendance features and functionality:

  •        Report on overdue registers and register marking status
  •        Student Activities report
  •        Student Attendance Report
  •        Filter on excessive absence

CELCAT Timetabler  Attendance includes a suite of configurable reports. Reports can focus on student attendance solely or on student attendance by another resource, such as staff. Functions are provided to report on overdue registers and even print a hard copy paper register.

As a long standing customer of CELCAT, the College has benefited from using the CELCAT Attendance module over a number of years, which has proved to be a valuable and user friendly tool in the recording and analysis of student attendance. The most recent upgrades have provided greater visibility of statistical information as well as overdue registers which has helped to control and improve the re-coding of attendance data.

Chris MacCabe MIS Manager, College Information Services, Hadlow College


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