New CELCAT software Release version 7.7


02/07/2015 08:23

We are delighted to announce the release of CELCAT Timetabler 7.7! We asked CELCAT Product Manager Wayne Si to explain more about this exciting new update.

What are some of the new and exciting features in the new version?

Wayne: There are a few big stand out features amongst the 900 enhancements, many are user requests and one or two are strategic developments.

In Timetabler Live we have implemented user requested features such as ‘Split, Duplicate and Email Events.’ We’ve included the popular ‘Event Name’ feature and we’re excited about the NEW ‘Multi Resource Usage Chart.’ This innovative feature allows users to view usage for resources of differing type in the same chart! Now users can simply scan through the usage chart quickly to find free slots commonly available to a number of resources including staff, rooms and groups.

Enhancements have been introduced into Timetabler Attendance including the ability to specify an end date when students complete on a register. A NEW CELCAT Attendance Web Service (CAWS) is included. This RESTful web API incorporates all the business logic and data integrity rules associated with how attendance data is stored in the database. CAWS exposes a standard API allowing third party applications to retrieve and store data in the database in a safe and secure manner.

The NEW CELCAT Pay Claim Manager (PCM) application is a complete redesign and rewrite from scratch, using the latest Web technology. Although it retains the core business processes of PCM version 1.8, it includes numerous NEW features, the majority requested by users.

Another exciting feature is ‘Single Sign-On’ (SSO). This feature has been sometime coming and is now supported by most CELCAT applications including Windows and web applications. SSO is industry standard oriented and can be deployed in any Single Sign-On environment using the simple configuration settings. This means all CELCAT applications will integrate seamlessly into your institutions Enterprise software deployment.

Why was this new release needed?

Wayne: CELCAT is known for its relentless development of the Timetabler product range. We listen to users and respond to their needs. We understand that our users are working in an ever changing environment where new requirements are coming to the fore all the time! Our proactive approach to development means we can look over the horizon and see what’s coming. Timetabler 7.7 is our latest response to user needs.

What will this mean for our customers?

Wayne: As with previous releases, we believe Timetabler 7.7 will satisfy user expectations by answering their most immediate needs and hopefully make their work more productive and enjoyable.

What future updates are planned?

Wayne: Development never stops at CELCAT! We’ve already started work on Timetabler 7.8. This will include a brand new application designed for performing arts departments, faculties and institutions. The CELCAT Exam Scheduler application will also be significantly enhanced. Watch this space for news! More information will also be disclosed on the roadmap to be released later this year.