New CELCAT Pay Claim Management system


04/09/2015 01:36

The PCM you know and the PCM you want!

The new CELCAT Pay Claim Management application is available to download.

Pay Claim Management (PCM) version 2 is a complete re-design and rewrite of the application using the latest web technology. Whilst retaining all the core business process functions of the old version it contains numerous new features, many being requested by our user base.

One fundamental change is that PCM now has its own database to facilitate easier integration with other event driven applications, separating the user interface functions and improving hostability.

If your institution is already using PCM, no doubt you’ll want to upgrade as quickly as possible so that your staff can generate their claims on their mobile devices and checks can be made to ensure claims are associated with a marked register where required.


PCM 7.7 new features include:

  •          A new interface for mobile devices
  •          Integration with Timetabler Attendance
  •          A new PCM dashboard
  •          Enhanced functionality for localisation
  •          Configurable pay periods
  •          Configurable terminology
  •          Improved reporting

For detailed documentation about the new features in Pay Claim Management simply click here to access documentation on the CELCAT wiki.

Now there really is no reason for your part-time staff not being paid promptly!

Where institutions wish to continue integrating Timetabler and PCM it should be noted that it is only supported alongside CELCAT Timetabler 7.7. For more information please speak to your account manager or contact us directly at