CELCAT Timetabler 7.8 R2 - New Release


11/04/2017 08:52

CELCAT Timetabler version 7.8 R2 is now available to download from MyCELCAT.

What's new?
Timetabler 7.8 R2 includes new functionality in the Self-Service Portal (SSP) enabling students to 'self-register' onto open events using CELCAT's new application, Self-Service Portal Open Enrolment (SSPOE).

How does it work?
Registration onto open events is managed by specifying a maximum capacity for the event using either the event required room capacity or event room capacity. An open enrolment period is configured to start and end before the event itself starts. For example, open enrolment could start 72 hours before and end 1 hour before the event starts, allowing students 3 full days to allocate themselves to the event.

How will the student know about the event?
The open enrolment events appear on the SSP student’s activity page. From here students can select the event to open showing more detail about the event such as weeks the event runs in and event notes. Most importantly it shows how many spaces are available and allows the student to enrol on the event. Participation in the event can be cancelled by the student at any time before it starts.

Why use SSPOE?
SSPOE is an intuitive way to allow students to enrol on open events such as induction and careers events and any other one-off event without the need for administrators to attach the whole student population to the event. Open enrolment events will show on the student's personalised timetable and their attendance can be tracked using CELCAT Attendance.

Please contact your CELCAT Account Manager or visit our CELCAT Wiki for more information.

CELCAT Timetabler V7.8 R2