CELCAT Timetabler 7.7 R13 - New Release


05/09/2016 02:21

CELCAT Timetabler 7.7 R13 is now available for download from MyCELCAT.

We are pleased to inform you that Timetabler 7.7 R13 contains a number of new features, the majority being requested by users.

The highlight of R13 is the much anticipated introduction of printing options to CELCAT Timetabler Live. We’ve no doubt you will want to familiarise yourself with these features as soon as possible!

Please note R13 doesn’t include any database changes.

  • Timetabler Live

Timetable printing and configuration.
Configuration options to manage the number of printing jobs on the Live server.
Within the navigation panel to be able to search and filter resources using ‘custom fields.’

  • Timetabler Client and Timetabler Live

Event id’s displayed in event stores details.

  • Timetabler Automation

It’s now possible to include the date on the exam slot preference constraint.

  • Pay Claim Manager (PCM)

The claim periods page now includes the total count and total sum of closed claims.

  • Self-Service Room Portal (SSRP)

Options now include the ability to manage the time granularity of self-service bookings.

  • Web Publisher

The ‘only republish changed or missing timetables’ now takes into consideration changes to custom fields and event notes.

For further details - click here to see what's new.