CELCAT Timetabler 7.7 R10 - New Release


06/06/2016 02:21

New and Improved Features

CELCAT Timetabler Web API - Reference 21455
The Web API provides access to the majority of the CELCAT Timetabler 7 data structures, including all resources and events. The API is a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) service that can be installed on IIS or run as a stand-alone server. The API is intended for use in systems integration and other inter-operability solutions.

Firetext SMS Provider - Reference 19967
A new SMS provider named Firetext has been added to our current selection.

Pay Claim Management - Reference 21688
An overview with more detail about claims in each pay period is now available which enables Administrator's access to the number of authorised and outstanding claims with their respective total amounts.

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