Area Reviews of Further and Post-16 Education


27/05/2016 11:49

Are you ready?


UK Government announces area reviews of further and post-16 education


The UK Government has made it a national priority to raise productivity and to that end introduced area reviews of FE and post-16 education. The outcome will be fewer, larger, more resilient and efficient colleges supporting greater specialisation and progression. (Extracts from: Reviewing post-16 education and training institutions: guidance on area reviews white paper)


CELCAT announces the launch of a new timetable health check service for FE and post-16 education establishments.


 Bigger institutions mean bigger timetabling challenges!


- Does your institution struggle with underutilisation of resources?


- Is it a hassle to create a clash-free timetable?


- Are your students stressed because their timetable isn't up-to-date? - Do you get anxious thinking about registers?


- Do you feel overwhelmed by timetable changes?


- Are you frustrated that timetabling can’t be made easier?


If you have answered YES to any of these questions then we can help, and the bottom line is – the bigger the institution, the bigger the challenges.


 When we want to check our own health or that of something important such as a pet, car or an appliance, where do we go?


We go to an expert. Why? Because their experience and training give us confidence. We trust them when they give us the ‘all clear’ or say we need to take some action! Would we be as confident with a ‘jack of all trades’?


Meet our team and examine their experience:


Ivan Meyer - A consultant with 12 years experience in the fields of electronic and automated timetabling. Ivan is also an expert in space management and change management particularly around the move from manual or distributed timetabling to centralised and/or automated timetabling.


Richard Cooke - Specialist in data integration between timetabling and MIS systems. Optimising business intelligence using Reporting Services, Data Warehousing and Data Marts to improve estate management, staff work load and student learning hours reporting.


Seddon Kirk - Having worked in the FE sector for nine years and with responsibilities around timetabling, attendance tracking and integration with MIS, Seddon has ‘hands on experience’ when it comes to timetabling best practice.


About the Health Check


Consultants have the expertise to help you! We can examine all facets of your current processes from integration to timetabling and register creation. The health check report will help you see what’s fit for purpose and what needs to change to conform more fully to best practice. The report will finally suggest how to make those changes.


Why Trust CELCAT to Help You?


CELCAT are the timetabling experts – it’s what we do. More importantly, we understand not only what makes a good timetable but how to create one. Our experts are ready and waiting to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.


If you would like to speak to CELCAT and see what we can do for you then please do not hesitate to contact us.