11/09/2017 12:00


Submit your questions for our expert panel and be in with a chance of winning a £150 spa voucher!

Preparation for ‘Developing Tomorrow’s Solutions Today’ 2017 CELCAT Site Licence days are well underway.

It’s clear from last year’s feedback that delegates would like to see more discussion and audience interaction; which is why we are pleased to inform you that this year’s Site Licence meetings include an expert panel discussion and, to make it a success, we need your help!

We are inviting all users, whether attending or not, to submit questions to be answered by our experts and possibly discussed further by the audience. The individual or institution submitting the most ‘relevant’ question will win a £150 spa voucher. A voucher will be awarded for each of the locations - Edinburgh, Warwick and London

How can you submit your question?

First of all, please think carefully about what you wish to ask. As time assigned to this session is limited, we advise institutions to submit questions collectively where possible and that you prioritise them in order of importance.

We will then carefully review all submissions and select which questions will be fielded by our panel. Please submit your questions by filling out this form by Friday September 29th. Any submissions after this date will not be included.

For your benefit, here are some example questions:
What are the benefits of automated timetabling over computer assisted timetabling?
What is CELCAT’s long term strategy regarding publication tools?
Why do I need a separate reporting application?

An example of a question we are not able to answer at this stage is ‘when will vNext be released?’ as this is commercially confidential information.

We can’t guarantee that all or any of your questions will be used but we do hope you will take the opportunity to contribute to the content of the day.

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your questions ready for our Site Licence days. We will inform you if a question you have submitted has been selected for discussion by the panel.

Click here to sign up to our Site Licence Days

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