CELCAT Attends SCUP 2014


28/07/2014 10:00

Ed O'Donnell (Vice President of CELCAT USA) and Ian Grimes (Regional Account Manager from CELCAT UK) attended the SCUP (Society of College and University Planners) Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 14-15, 2014. There were 1,330 attendees from colleges, universities and commercial interests from around the world.

Principal speakers were Nancy Zimpher, chancellor of the State University System of New York (the SUNY has 64 colleges and universities with about 463,000 students enrolled), Clay Shirky (author and arts professor at New York University) and Jeff Selingo, author (College (Un) Bound) and former top editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Ed took in the speech by Clay Shirky and also attended a seminar entitled 'Campus Space…An Asset, A Liability and an Opportunity.'  

Ian attended the seminar on space efficiency, which was entitled 'How Big: Counting Space.'  

Both seminars provided powerful and useful insights that will aid CELCAT as we refine and enhance our marketing posture in North America. 

The Society for College and University Planning, which was established in 1965, is a community of senior and higher education leaders who are responsible for, or are involved in, the integration of planning on their campuses and for the professionals who support them. Its mission is to develop individual and organizational planning capacities to strengthen and transform institutions of higher education.
The conference provided an opportunity for delegates to see CELCAT Timetabler as a flexible and powerful tool for helping educational institutions deliver a space efficient and clash free schedule for their increasing student numbers. It also enabled us to make some key contacts with universities, colleges and independent consultants who can provide introductions for us in North America.