Introducing CATConsultants


16/05/2017 02:45


We are excited to launch our CATConsultants blog, a brand-new platform designed specially to introduce free advice for all our clients and prospects.


By helping users around the globe to maximise the use of CELCAT software, CELCAT experts have compiled a vast reservoir of knowledge that will now be shared with you through regular blog posts.


Meet the CATConsultants:


Ivan Meyer

Ivan is our implementation consultant. His expertise lies in analysing policies, processes and data, and guiding users in realising the full potential of the CELCAT software.


Richard Cooke

Richard is our technical consultant. He has expertise in integrating CELCAT with third-party applications such as student records and Human Resources systems and bespoke report writing.


Seddon Kirk

Seddon is the software architect responsible for creating and updating System Integration Manager (SIM).


Now, our users can feel more confident knowing that they have expert advice from seasoned professionals at their fingertips.

We welcome you to get in touch with us if there is a particular area of interest for our CATConsultants to tackle.