Track and record all incidental room usage and improve space utilisation!

The NEW CELCAT Timetabler Self-Service Room Portal (SSRP) is the first self-service application delivered to users through the CELCAT Timetabler Self-Service Portal (SSP). SSRP is specifically designed to allow staff and students to create unmoderated bookings on their mobile devices.

SSRP’s intuitive interface allows users to reserve space by booking the room and time slot. Functionality includes the ability to make a ‘last-minute‘ booking. Once booked, users can review their daily activities and delete bookings as appropriate.

Administrators manage the application and booking process through configuring self-booking preferences in Timetabler Administrator. Preferences include identifying rooms and time slots the application can use. Users can be restricted to using rooms from their department. Booking ‘fairness’ is managed by stipulating rolling quotas and weekly hour quotas. Limits can also be placed on how far in advance a booking can be made.


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