Timetabler  iCalendar Feed functionality includes:

  • Easy synchronisation with most calendar applications
  • Participation is by subscription
  • Links to multiple Timetabler  databases
  • Uses a normalised data mart to support thousands of subscribers and protect live data activity

Allowing staff and students to see an up to date view of their personal timetable whilst on the go is a challenge. Using iCalendar Feed, staff and students can subscribe to their own personal feed and view their timetable including changes on their mobile device in their preferred calendar application.

At UAL, iCal has been implemented as an additional service to CELCAT Calendar, enabling students and staff to receive timetables directly to their personal devices. Take up in the first year has been fantastic with over 14,000 subscriptions of which 13,000 are students with 11,000 receiving regular updates. It is a very good service providing students and staff with another facility in which to receive their timetables.

Tudo Scheibner Head of Academic Registry Systems, University of the Arts, London


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